Manorborn Australian Labradoodle Dogs.


Cindy lovely cream fleece mini/medium, daughter of the lovely tegans cordon blu, very sweet outgoing girl, hips total 8,elbows 0/0,bva clear,pra tested b, & vwd clear


Pipper is a  lovely cream spiral coat,medium, daughter of the lovely tegans Premier, very sweet outgoing girl, hips total,elbows 0/0,bva clear,pra clear, & vwd clear


Sebreena, is a lovely chunky medium, chocolate fleece coat,fully health tested,hips 9,elbows 0/0, bva clear eyes,pra clear,vwd clear


Sophia is a busy little girl, dark chocolate fleece coat, size miniature, fully health tested, daughter of Tegan's scottish delight ,hips total 8,elbows 0/0,vwd clear,pra/vwd clear

We have achieved the highest Level of Accreditation from the UKALC for our Health testing's and code of Practice therefore we can display 3 Crowns

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07775 738907