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Our Australian Labradoodle Boys

Our boys are, Bva/ofa hip and elbow tested, bva clear eyes,vwd clear,pra tested, inproper coat tested, Dm, Non dilute gene tested,EIC Tested,dna profile

                          Captain Jasper Medium

Jasper Red/Caramel Australian Labradoodle boy, 19 inches approx,fully health tested. Jasper came from America, sweet gentle temperament
, OFA good, elbows normal, cerf clear eyes and dna prcd clear, IC CLear, non dilute gene, Dm clear, Eic Clear, vwd Clear, Dna profiled

                          Manorlake Poet

Manorlake the Poet is a deep red stunning fleece coat, good health tests, very outgoing busy active boy.
IC coat clear, non dilute gene, hips good, elbows good, bva clear eyes,vwd clear,pra clear, EIC clear & Dm clear bva
12, elbows 0


                Larry Red male

Larry bouncy red small medium red male, fully health tested, hips total 11, elbows 0/0, bva clear eyes, dna prcd clear, vwd clear,IC clear and non dilute gene, EIC clear, Dm clear


                Murphy Medium


Murphy stunning red fleece medium boy, great temperament, loves everyone.
ofa elbows normal,ofa hips fair, eyes clear, pra clear, inproper coat clear,
dm clear.non dilute gene, DM clear,
EIC clear
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